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How to Register a Trial

This aspect of the Pan African Clinical Trials Registry is unique in recognising that African trialists face additional challenges in trial registration and seeks to provide feasible ways of overcoming these. Due to the limited and unreliable access to the internet experienced by individuals in a number of African countries, trials may be registered online, (via the internet if access is sufficiently reliable) or by email, postal mail or facsimile.

The following information is required to register a trial

  • Title of trial
  • Trial acronym (if available)
  • Trial objective
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria of participants
  • Target number of participants required (sample size)
  • Anticipated start date
  • Disease or condition
  • Information on interventions (name, dose, duration)
  • Primary outcome(s)
  • Secondary outcome(s)
  • Location of primary recruitment centre
  • Contact details of person(s) responsible for providing information about the trial to the public and the scientific community
  • Source of funding
  • Information on collaborators (name, address, country)

To register your trial online:
You will need to be a registered user before you can add your trial information. To register online click on 'register trial'

To register your trial via email
Send an email to pactradmin@mrc.ac.za and we will email the necessary forms to complete.

To register your trial via postal mail or facsimile
Please contact at:
Email: pactradmin@mrc.ac.za
Telephone: +27 21 938 0506/0834
Fax: +27 21 938 0836

Please see step-by-step guide on how to register a trial.

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