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PACTR Working Group
Purpose of PACTR Working Group
To ensure that the Pan African Clinical Trial Registry complies with international standards for clinical trial registration and that the Registry meets the needs of its users (researchers, health professionals, funders and sponsors, policy makers and the lay public).

Tamara Kredo
Project Supervisor (staff)
Elizabeth Pienaar
Project manager (staff)
Lindi Mathebula
Registry Administrator (staff)
Duduzile Ndwandwe
Project Coordinator (staff)
Vittoria Lutje
Information Specialist, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, U.K
Amber Abrams
Independent Consultant, South Africa
Charles Wiysonge
Unit Director, Cochrane South Africa
Advisory Group
Purpose of Advisory Group
To provide strategic advice and support to the Working Group with regards to the Pan African Clinical Trials Registry (www.pactr.org).
Prof. Charles Wiysonge (Chairperson)
Director: Cochrane South Africa
Dr. Davina Ghersi
Expert Knowledge Development Officer
Research Translation
National Health & Medical Research Council
Dr. Tamara Kredo
PACTR Project Supervisor
Senior Specialist Scientist, Cochrane South Africa, South African Medical Research Council
Ms Thulile Zondi
Chief Director: Health Information Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
National Department of Health, South Africa
Ms. Elizabeth Pienaar
Project manager, Pan African Clinical Trials Registry
Senior Scientist, Cochrane South Africa, South African Medical Research Council
Prof. Gita Ramjee
Director: MRC HIV Prevention Research Unit, South African Medical Research Council
Dr. Lisa Askie
Director of Systematic Reviews and Health Technology Assessment at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney
Manager, The Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry
Dr. Martin Ota
WHO African Office, Brazzaville
Dr. Helan Byomire Ndagije
Head Drug Information Department,
Head, National Pharmacovigilance Centre,
National Drug Authority, Uganda
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